Welcome 2017 – 5 new year’s resolutions to be put on list in New York City

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Welcome 2017 - 5 New Year’s Resolutions to Be Put on List in New York City

As we have accompanied many travelers through their important moments in the past year, it is time that we together set forth more goals to accomplish and irrigate a better, stronger 2017. (If you want to live a little bit more in the past, don’t worry we’ve got you. Check out PicVoyage’s shoots in 2016.)

1. Try a new restaurant every month (or as much as you can!)
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New York City is one of the few cities in the country that has the most variety of food options. The number of independent restaurants, coffee shops, and food stands are incomparable that you can find ANY category of cuisine that suits your appetite. Just for a quick peep, Thrillist and a lot of websites had compiled comprehensive lists of articles regarding food option in New York. Therefore, no matter you live or are travelling to the Big Apple, please forget about McDonald’s, Applebee’s, and Taco Bell for a second and go out to look for some good restaurants.

2. Exercise twice a week
Having a healthy body is the foundation of your life. Exercise has already become a lifestyle in New York City, judging from the number of gyms flourished in the city, which usually require membership and offer common weight training facilities along with various class options such as yoga, cycling, dance, or kickboxing. Even if you hate running, as a lot of people do, you still have plenty of options to keep up a healthy lifestyle.

3. Travel once a year
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Exploring a different environment and culture is always a good way to escape from stressful daily routine and recover the peace in mind so as to overcome whatever is ahead in life. Often people find travelling not only relaxing but fulfilling because of the mandatory time given to spent with only yourself. However, travel planning and execution are easy said than done, so making this one of your new year’s resolutions is important. Plan your trip in advance so you will have plenty of time to discover the attraction spots and itinerary that you are interested in and to expect your getaway. Travel lasts for only a short period of time but memories can last forever. PicVoyage specializes in preserving travelers’ memories by offering informative local walking tour and photographic services so you can focus on the time with yourself, friends, and family!

4. Attend at least 5 different events throughout the year
Widely recognized for its innovation and advancement, New York City is also where everyone flocks to when it comes to art. Everyday, there is something going on in the city. Let it be a gallery opening, movie premiere, Broadway shows, seminars, or business networking events, all of which are able to teach us something new. Live, explore, and learn!

Find out more local tips and things to do in New York: www.facebook.com/NYDeTour.NYDECO (Mandarin) / www.nycgo.com (English)

5. Ride the 2nd Avenue Subway
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The line was proposed way back in 1919 but didn’t start until 1972, and was halted multiple times due to financial issues. The 1st phase of the 2nd Avenue Subway line was opened on Jan 1st, 2017, expecting to serve a projected 200,000 daily riders at three new stations between 96th Street and the 63rd Street Lines. (The second the third phase of the line will start upon funded) This is the subway line that New Yorkers have been talking about for decades; how can you miss it?