Trick or treating…or a photo shoot?

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Trick or treating, or a Photoshoot - PicVoyage

— PicVoyage photographer/Draft

— Ann Chen/Rewrite, Dec. 20th, 2016

No matter what you think of Halloween — a day that all evil spirits are let out to wander on the street or a day that people go on to binge drink to escape from stressful lives — this is one of New Yorker’s favorite festivals. On top of dressing up their toddlers in the cutest costumes (whether for or against their wills), Caroline and her husband have certainly made their friends and family’s Halloween special.
I received their photo shoot reservation a couple weeks before Halloween and couldn’t stop thinking how rare people take advantage of Halloween as an opportunity to add on to their collection of ‘special moments.’ Assuming you are not going to walk down the street as a hot dog anytime soon, Halloween is definitely one of the few nights of the years that memories should be captured and preserved.” Caroline invited some friends, who also have kids, to their home for a Halloween party and I am there to capture their ‘special moments.’

The instant that I stepped in their house, I felt warm and alive. Nothing too dramatic was going on in there but strips of delicate white cotton were hung on furniture as spider web, and drinks and snacks are already prepared. The house is where the family lives their daily lives with strength and passion, but judging by the extensive Halloween themed decorations, also a place where the family explore each other’s playfulness and embrace life’s spontaneity.

A lot of professional photographers don’t like taking children pictures. It’s unlikely a shot of a child in a butterfly costume will go viral. A child certainly can’t pose or act according to the photographer’s perfect photographic layout or lighting. However, I love taking family photos. People’s interaction with each other is what I considered the most worthy moments of remembrance, and that’s why I enjoyed working with PicVoyage. I take part in people’s lives in many different stages, and I provide them with tangible proofs of their memories.

– Still, it’s difficult to look at the camera. These two bunnies are my best models, and they fell asleep right after the shoot…what angels!

– I worked with this little sea turtle’s parents for quite some time previously for their pre-wedding photo shoot, and now I am shooting their family photos. Wanna see more of their past photos from PicVoyage? Visit our Facebook page. ;)

– One of my favorite father-son costumes. The kid was confused for a second as to who this man is…

It’s really an honor to participate in such a fun party. Thank you Caroline for this opportunity to witness a different Halloween party – fun, creative, and loving. Let’s make every moment unique!