Why you need to elope

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— Written by Fiona Tapp

Your wedding day…you float down the aisle on a cloud of white tulle, towards your beloved, everything goes perfectly to plan as you are surrounded by your loving family and friends, right? Wrong!

More likely there will be several mistakes made, from the wrong flowers arriving to broken centerpieces, smashed cakes, wardrobe malfunctions, choreographed first dance fails, drunken bridesmaids, cringe-inducing best man speeches, your divorced parents glowering at each other across the room and when it’s all over according to the Daily Mail you probably won’t even get laid, as less than half of all couples consummate their weddings on the wedding night!

If you survive all that you only have a 50/50 chance of staying out of divorce court and if this is your second or third try at marriage the stats are even more dire.

But wait, don’t call off the engagement just yet, instead keep all the good things about getting married and ditch the stress, by eloping!

If eloping brings to mind clandestine nuptials akin to Romeo and Juliet’s wedding, you’re not far off, that’s one of the best reasons to elope, it is just the two of you and is incredibly romantic.

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Eloping isn’t just for the starry-eyed, though, it also makes fiscal sense. The average wedding runs to $31,213, The Knot reports, can’t you think of something better to spend thirty grand on??

Eloping is the smart choice for discerning couples who focus on saving for the important stuff like a house deposit or future kids. Some couples choose to elope because they have been together for years and may even have children, a traditional wedding may seem frivolous and unnecessary, at this stage in their relationship. If you have ever been a bridesmaid you know that it is an expensive role and often a big hassle, save your friends all that drama by jetting off and kill two birds with one stone by making a vacation out of your wedding too-win!

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If I have convinced you that eloping is the way to go, you should be sure to also incorporate traditional wedding elements into the day, so that it still feels special.

Your absolute must haves are:

  • Research-just because you are running off and getting married on the fly, it doesn’t mean there isn’t any planning involved. Check out Simplyelope.com for a variety of resources, ideas and galleries to help you plan a magical day.
  • A beautiful outfit- it can be red, turquoise, black, a ball gown, a tea dress, a trouser suit- just make sure it screams glamour.
  • A professional photographer- you need some pics to prove to your friends that you really took the plunge! Better yet choose a vacation holiday expert, such as PicVoyage to take professional shots on location. Some of their photographers are also travel guides, so you can learn a thing or two whilst your wedding memories are captured.
  • Flowers-blooms make any celebration an event, don’t skimp on them because you are eloping, scope out local florists in your destination and don’t mention they are for a wedding, you should be able to snag a deal.

If you struggle with fractured family dynamics, interfering relatives, live far away from your family and friends or just can’t be bothered with the hassle, eloping can be the answer to your wedding day dilemma, and doesn’t that sound like an adventurous anecdote to regale the grandkids with?