How To Elope In New York City!

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How To Elope In New York City

If you and your partner have New York City on your minds for an elopement, then you’re in for a treat. The city has a variety of neighborhoods that cater to unique tastes and resemble different cultures and energy levels. These fantastic features and endless options allow you to customize your occasion anywhere you like and still have your passions and personalities reflected in the background.

However, to make the best use of the settings provided by the city, you need to know what is available to you. You also need to understand the regulations of the city so you can plan your elopement ceremony without a hitch. To help you get acquainted with the requirements for a fairy tale elopement, the elopement photography experts at PicVoyage have combined their experience and put together a guide on how to elope in New York City. This guide covers the essentials of elopement in New York and is designed to help you get a unique and stress-free wedding in NYC.

1. Pick a date.

Whether or not you live in NYC, it’s essential to choose your elopement date in advance, so you have time to prepare your budget and arrange for other crucial requirements like a ceremony, venue, and so on. Also, choosing a date in advance will allow you to do a bit of research and take advantage of the best seasons for an ideal atmosphere and stunning photographs.

2. Choose a location.

In New York, City Hall is an iconic venue and the first choice for many. As a result, you’ll find yourself waiting for an approximate of forty-five minutes to get married here. However, if you want a small budget wedding without the frills, City Hall is a perfect choice and well worth the wait. If you’d like a non-City Hall ceremony, you can get married anywhere you like. Some of your options include Central Park, Coney Island, a small community garden, the Staten Island Ferry, and Grand Central. For most of these places, if your group is less than twenty people, you don’t need a permit. However, be aware that crowds are likely to gather around you in a very public place to witness your wedding. If you’d like a more secluded location in NYC, choose the Jefferson Market Garden, which is available for two hours with a permit, but if you want to include the elements of the city in your wedding ceremony, Brooklyn Bridge Park is a great option.

3. Get your license.

To be legally married in NY, you must obtain your marriage license twenty-four hours in advance. You can get this piece of paper from any City Clerk’s office, but most people usually end up at the Manhattan office on 141 Worth Street. You can also apply for it online; however, you and your partner will need to collect it together in person at the City Clerk’s office twenty-four hours before your matrimony. At the time of receiving your marriage license, remember to carry ID proof with you along with a credit card to pay the marriage license fees, as cash will not be accepted.

If you are from outside the US, you’ll need to collect an additional long-form document following your wedding ceremony, from the City Clerk’s Office. This form is necessary to register your marriage back in your home country.

4. Find an officiant.

While you can hire an officiant for your wedding, you can also have a close friend or family member officiate your wedding ceremony. The New York City Clerk office allows people to seek online ordination if you’d like a more personal wedding. However, with an experienced officiant, you’ll have help to shape and plan the traditions and structure of your vows and ceremony. They can also ease the pressure by taking on the paperwork leading up to your big day.

5. Appoint witnesses.

Like any marriage ceremony, you need to have two legal witnesses present, and they need to be above the age of eighteen.

6. Plan your elopement reception.

After the formal occasion, if you’d like to host a reception party, you’ll need to check for small venues to cater to your guests. Restaurants, small halls, or intimate venues are great choices to consider.

7. Book a hotel.

If you aren’t residing in New York, you’ll need to pick a hotel that is close to your reception. Besides location, when choosing your hotel, you also need to consider the aesthetics of the location for your wedding photo shoot. Simultaneously, in case you invite guests, you’ll need to make arrangements for their stay as well.

8. Hire transportation.

There are tons of options you have at your disposal from private cars and limousines to party buses. However, if you’d like the authentic New York feeling, you can also hail a traditional yellow checkered cab or ride on the subway.

9. Hire a photographer.

To hold on to the excitement of your wedding day in NYC, make sure to book a photographer with experience and knowledge of the city. They can accordingly help you find picture perfect locations and prepare for the wedding of your dreams.

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